The Prizefighters announce pre-order for new 7-inch vinyl series

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MNSKA band The Prizefighters made an announcement this week that they will be releasing a 7-inch vinyl series called A Musical Knockout In 3 Rounds!  In preparation for the series, they have started a pre-order campaign on IndieGoGo, allowing fans to not only get all the 45rpm records before they are released, but other items like mp3s, an exclusive live DVD of their performance with Roy & Yvonne at Chicago’s Jamaican Oldies Weekend, signed test pressings, a brand-new T-shirt designed by CHema Skandal! and MORE.  With the different reward levels, you can support the band even if you don’t have a turntable.

As you can see from the ad above, the band has a boxing match theme for the series where each record is a fight round, pitting each side against the other and representing a different 60s Jamaican music genre;  Round 1 is ska, Round 2 is rocksteady, and Round 3 is reggae.  Each “round” also contains unique label art designed by the band that aims for a distinct 60s Jamaican aesthetic.  The ad gives a preview of each song in the series, all original and previously unreleased songs from the band.

The Prizefighters have set a goal of $3,000, but after only a couple of days of the pre-order they are nearly halfway!

You can check out the preview of A Musical Knockout In 3 Rounds! on YouTube HERE

You can pre-order the series at IndieGoGo HERE

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