MPR’s “Local Current” Blog features Twin Cities ska scene

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The Local Current blog, a website from Minnesota Public Radio‘s indie music offshoot 89.3 The Current, published an article all about the ska scene here in the Twin Cities.  Serving to introduce the rest of the local music scene to the world of MNSKA, the article, written by Sarah Harper, is a brief look into the history of our DIY scene.  The article features quotes from MNSKA co-founder Aaron Porter and editor-in-chief Courtney Klos, and mentions local groups like Umbrella Bed, The Dropsteppers, The Prizefighters, and Drunk History.

Harper writes:

The ska scene in Minnesota is small but mighty, proud and enthusiastic while still holding onto modesty and self-awareness—it’s the kind of thing that only happens when a relatively small group of people gather to celebrate something that enjoys the benefits of no longer being considered particularly cool.

Although it only scratches the surface of the hardwork and dedication of the numerous fans and bands that make up our scene, we here at MNSKA appreciate any praise thrown our way and hope it allows more people to get into the music and subculture of local ska and reggae.

You can read the entire article over at the Local Current blog.

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