MNSka Shakedown! Celebrating 10+ years of Twin Cities Ska

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It has been 11 years since was first registered as a website.  It started out as a very small group of people working to put on shows for ska fans in the Twin Cities.  The first “mnska” shows were more or less “mnska-sponsored” shows over the Summer, but the very first mnska show that was booked was in September of 2003 at the Red Sea with The Drastics and The Debonaires.  Since then, we have put on countless shows, supported 40+ local ska bands, and have been a resource for fans and musicians alike for over a decade.

It has been 10 years since MNSka started bringing local and big name ska, rocksteady, and reggae acts to the stages of the Twin Cities. To celebrate hitting the double digits we want to put on two nights of music for the fans and bring back some old friends.  We are very excited to have our friends The Bishops (Omaha) join us for the festivities and the return of Chris Murray (LA)!

Sept 6th at Acadia Cafe:
The Bishops (Omaha, NE)
Umbrella Bed
Stop Drop
The Skruffians
All Ages

Sept 7th at The Nomad:
Chris Murray (Los Angeles, CA)
The Prizefighters
Hennepin County Millionaires Club
Peewee Dread

Stay tuned to as more bands are going to be added, and pre-sale tickets/prices will be available soon as well.
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